Who are we?

Founded in 2021 by Ludovic and Elizabeth, a Franco-American entrepreneurial couple, Otaaki is much more than just another eyewear brand. It's a vision, a commitment to the planet, and a mission for a better world. Our journey began in the United States, where we realized that access to visual care was not always straightforward or affordable. From there, the idea for affordable and eco-friendly eyewear was born.

Like most new ventures, ours started online. Quickly, more and more people joined our community; this close connection is our biggest driving force, and we do our utmost to nurture it every day in everything we undertake. This "we" is our team: passionate individuals spread around the world, from Seattle to Paris, who think and rethink their work to address climate and societal challenges.

Visual health is crucial and demanding, which is why all our glasses are designed and created in Paris by our optician. The production of our glasses takes place in our own factory, and we prepare orders directly in our workshop in Paris: this system allows us to maintain high-quality standards.

To help you see more clearly, don't hesitate to ask any questions at contact@otaaki.com.

Welcome to Otaaki, where vision meets sustainability, inclusion, and commitment.