Face Guide

What glasses to choose for a...

....Round-Shaped Face?

Instead of trying to hide your lovely curves, why not accentuate them with rounded shapes? Or if you prefer a sleeker look, go for a wide, angular frame for a sleek and elegant look.

Our round-shaped face selection: Asmara / Leah

What glasses to choose for a...

....Diamond-Shaped Face?

With a narrow jaw and wide cheekbones, you have a unique and beautiful face. Opt for frames with geometric/oval shapes that minimize the distance between the temples, and don't be afraid to choose a slightly wider model than your cheekbones. Cat-eye or butterfly frames are your best friends.

Our diamond-shaped face selection: Scandola & Arly / Lazarev / Inga

What glasses to choose for a...

....Triangle-Shaped Face?

Opt for a discreet, rounded, and slender frame. Glasses that extend above the cheekbones are excellent choices for triangle-shaped faces!

Our triangle-shaped face selection: Guilin & Mogao / Haven

What glasses to choose for an...

....Oval-Shaped Face?

Perfectly balanced with proportions that could rival Hollywood stars, you have a blank canvas when it comes to choosing your frame. From classic to bold, everything suits you! Feeling casual? Go for round frames for a fresh look. Feeling dynamic? Opt for rectangular frames for a winning style.

Our oval-shaped face selection: Tikal / Andaman / Melati

What glasses to choose for a...

....Rectangular-Shaped Face?

Leave behind frames that are too rectangular, as they may make your features appear too harsh. Instead, opt for slightly oversized oval-shaped frames to add width to your face. The ‘cat-eye’ or ‘aviator’ styles would suit you very well!

Our rectangular-shaped face selection: Ralyn / Ionian / Lugo & Chobe