Our Commitments

More than just a eyewear brand, Otaaki has taken on the challenge of taking care of you, your eyes, and the planet.


Our glasses provide you with optimal comfort and protection against screens that are omnipresent in our daily lives, by filtering out more than 40% of harmful blue light. Our special lens treatment allows Otaaki glasses to block blue-violet light, which is responsible for eye fatigue, irritation, and headaches, while allowing blue-turquoise light, essential for our well-being, to pass through.


According to the WHO, approximately 1.1 billion people with vision problems do not have access to necessary eye care, primarily due to the high cost.

At Otaaki, we are committed to offering glasses at the fairest price possible. We work tirelessly to create affordable designs, without compromising on sustainability, style, or quality.

Thanks to careful oversight of every step of production, we are able to offer high quality glasses starting at $35.


The UN estimates that nearly 80% of the plastic produced worldwide ends up in landfills or in the environment, with only 9% being recycled.

That's why, from the inception of Otaaki, we have considered our environmental impact at every stage of design, from the materials used to the production methods and transportation.

We work diligently every day to minimize our ecological footprint to preserve the planet and its inhabitants.


In a world marked by social exclusion and inequality, Otaaki advocates for inclusion and progress.

Our glasses are designed for everyone, they are humane, ethical, and respectful of diversity. We support the charitable project "La Vue en Rose" in October with the launch of a unique pair in the colors of the cause and the donation of 20% of the profits from sales to the Ruban Rose association.

We are happy to have you on board in this project.