Register an account with otaaki™ to be eligible for our limited warranty coverage. Once registered, your glasses will have eligible for repair or replace based for any manufacturer defects that become evident over the lifetime of product. A manufacturer defect means that we make a mistake in production on your glasses (like we shipped them without putting them together or the lenses don’t fit securely in the frame).

While customer wear, tear, and accidents aren’t covered in our formal policy, we chose our materials for top tier durability, and we want to help you out. Drop a line to our support team with your product registration info and the details on what happened, and we’ll evaluate an appropriate discount for your next pair.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Customers must register for an account with otaaki™ to be eligible for the warranty. We allow for customers to check out as a guest if desired but checking out as a guest makes the purchase ineligible for warranty.
  • Our warranty covers any frame damage that keeps you from wearing our glasses on your face, like broken hinges or cracked frames. It does not cover scuffs and scratches, or the eyewear lenses.
  • otaaki™ sole discretion to determine what qualifies as a manufacturer’s defect.
  • Manufacturer defects may be either repaired or replaced, at our discretion.
  • Customers will be responsible for shipping charges related to the repair or replacement.
  • Warranty claims must be made by the original purchaser. Gifted, thrifted, found, or stolen glasses aren’t covered unless submitted by the original owner.
  • Only original, unaltered and unmodified items are covered.


What coverage do you offer outside the manufacturer defect policy?

  • While not covered in our formal policy, we want to help customers out if their glasses have been damaged by wear & tear and any breakdown of materials and colors over extended time and use.
  • At our discretion, we can offer a full or partial replacement, depending on your use case.
  • This assistance does not cover damage caused by negligence and misuse, like glasses that have been stepped on, sat on, snapped by children, chewed on by pets, ran over, or dropped off a cliff.
  • We do not offer coverage for wearable glasses with minor damage, like scuffs and scrapes.
  • We do not cover scratched lenses. We’ve sourced our lenses from suppliers with more durable lenses, but they are still the most delicate part of your glasses, and that holds true across the entire eyewear industry. Therefore, we ship every pair of glasses with a soft sided pouch to protect the lenses when not in use, and a microfiber cloth suitable for cleaning the lenses. See out FAQ page for more information on how to extend the life of your lenses.
  • Like our defect warranty, all requests must be submitted by original purchaser and must have a registered account with the product in their purchase history.