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Our factory in Zhuhai


All otaaki glasses in OceanBound Plastic are injected in our factory in Zhuhai, China. This city is well regarded for its high-tech production capabilities and innovative manufacturing engineers.

Owning our own factory also allows us to have full control over of our production line and on our quality platform. ISCC PLUS certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) of our factory also demonstrates our daily commitment in terms of responsible approaches.

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Our factory has been a member of SEDEX for several years. Their SMETA audits (S edex M embers E thical T rade A udit) are regularly carried out to ensure legal and ethical working conditions. SMETA is one of the most widely used assessment tools in the world for social audit procedures. It offers a globally recognized way to assess the social responsibility for supply chains, taking into account labor law, health and safety, as well as environmental and business ethics of companies.

Visuel 1 La production- Otaaki France

« We do our best to offer you high quality glasses. »

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Quality production


Because your eyesight is precious, we make no compromises in terms of quality, protection and comfort. We have therefore chosen to equip our entire range of glasses with components manufactured by renowned suppliers.

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We have designed and developed our assembly lines by to guarantee you high-quality glasses.

All OceanBound Plastic glasses are manufactured in our own factory which is ISO 9001 certified. As for acetate frames, they are currently manufactured in a specialized factory, but the engraving is done in our factory.

All of them are checked one by one in Zhuhai by our quality team.

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We also work in partnership with QIMA and ALU-TEC, two specialized laboratories that are responsible for performing tests on our glasses and their components to ensure that all of our glasses meet international standards for quality and safety.