Sustainable development & circular economy

Intentional development & circular economy

We’re committed to intentional production and the circular economy at otaaki.

Each year, nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans, 80% of which comes from land-based activities. Becoming a responsible company that strives to act in favor of our planet was therefore an obvious choice for otaaki. Thus, we prioritize renewable and recycled materials at the heart of our work.

Responsible thinking about design, production and logistics is important to us. We not only wanted to bring you eyewear at the fairest price, but also to drive positive change in the eyewear industry.


The frames of the glasses from our first collection are made entirely from renewable or recycled materials.

Our plastic frames are made from Envision’s OceanBound recycled plastic waste. Envision works to salvage plastic waste at risk of reaching our oceans. They work with coastal communities that that lack formal waste collection programs and provide payment to local residents who collect plastic trash. The waste is then sorted, washed, and turned into a resin that we can use for our frames.

By sourcing plastic from this company, we help smaller communities with fewer resources, including several in Haiti and on the Mexican coast. A collected trash bag of plastic can feed a family for up to a week.

Our acetate frames are cut from BioCell bio acetate, produced by the Italian company La-Es. All acetates are made from wood pulp or cotton fiber, but La-Es further improved on traditional acetate by making plasticizers from natural polymers.

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The ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certification of our owned factory in Zhuhai represents our commitment to best environmental practices. Whether in the choice of raw materials (whether renewable or recycled) to the transformation process (energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and waste reduction), we ensure traceability, in compliance with this international standard of sustainability.

We also source from local suppliers, when possible, which allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions from transport.


In order to minimize our impact from packaging, we ship your glasses in a protective cardboard box that is made from responsibly managed forest materials, as certified by the FSC.

Once manufactured and then placed in their mailing box, our glasses are sent by sea to our warehouses in France and the United States. Today, maritime transport remains one of the cleanest and safest ways to transport goods.

We are aware that there will always be progress to be made in each of these areas, but we are openly committed to taking full responsibility for our actions and continuing to improve the social and environmental impact of our products.

We are happy to have you by our side in this project.

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« We are happy to have you at our side in this project. »

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