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« Hi! We’re otaaki. Come look around and #seeinside »

That motto means a lot to us. In fact, it means everything. First and foremost, it’s about people. We want our customers, employees, and neighbors to see and to be seen for who they really are. You’re a welcome part of the otaaki™ crew just as you are. We want our customers to feel free to be themselves, regardless of their age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or religion. You’re welcome here no matter who you call family or where you call home.

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#seeinside also ties back to the way we make and sell products. We believe in real transparency. We strive to give you as much information as you need to feel confident in your purchases and believe in having third party certifications to back up our claims.

All our frames are designed in France. They are made from recycled or renewable resources, sourced in an ethical manner. We use Envision OceanBound Plastic (USA) and La-Es bio acetate – BioCell (Italy). Our lenses are made by industry leaders ZEISS (Germany) and Ever Young Hi-Tec (Taiwan). We use minimal packaging, accessories and never use virgin plastics. We use Forestry Stewardship Council Certified products for our protective Texon Vintex pouch (USA) and shipping materials. The microfiber cleaning towel is made from recycled plastic bottles.

We’re proud to own our factory, Zhuhai Kanghong Plastic. Our employees make, assemble and/or check your glasses, one by one. The factory is a SEDEX member, which includes regular SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) to confirm safe, legal, and ethical working conditions, and we’re signatories of the UN Global Compact. It’s also ISCC PLUS certified (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), which validates our use of renewable and recycled materials.

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We take your input seriously. We put you in charge of our corporate giving program with our otaakiTM for good program (otaaki.com/otaaki-for-good/). On otaakiTM for good days, you identify the non-profits that help people by advancing the human condition and we donate 10% of our revenues.

#seeinside our otaaki™ team. We’re a small-yet-mighty crew that spans 3 countries (and 15 time zones) to bring otaakiTM glasses to life.

As you can see we are a global brand with many different perspectives that shape our unique signature.

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« We also love your ideas and feedback about our glasses and processes. Drop us a line anytime (otaaki.com/contact-us). »