our team

Want to discover the team behind otaaki™? It’s over here!

We are delighted to be able to present our team to you at last! We hope that the lifting of the barriers will allow us to come and meet you very soon.  🙂

Today, our team is composed of about forty employees spread over three continents: Europe (France), America (USA) and Asia (China).

Although today, all the people involved in this project are spread all over the world, geographical distance has never been a barrier to teamwork and spirit. On the contrary, we work hand in hand with a common goal: to make our world more sustainable and tolerant.

All together, although different in our identities, origins or cultures, we share values that bring us together: inclusion, empathy, respect for others… Values also shared by the brand we are proud to work with today.

otaaki™ is this. A mix. Human values. A family. The human being at the heart of everything.

Discover these men and women who want to make a difference in the eyewear industry…

Photo Ludovic - Otaaki France

LUDOVIC, Seattle, (USA)
Co-founder. All the time between two planes. Likes to travel the world.
“The problem when you lose your glasses is that you have to find them to look for them”
– Gustave Parking

Photo Mathieu - Otaaki France

MATHIEU, Paris, (France)
Our creative. Big coffee drinker – preferably short!
“Don’t be afraid to achieve perfection, you’ll never get there.
– Salvador Dali

Photo Elizabeth - Otaaki France

Co-founder. Buys books but never finds time to read them.
“Taking on a challenge is a little like riding a horse. If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing something wrong”
– Ted Lasso

Photo Sacha - Otaaki France

SACHA, Paris, (France)
Our communicator. Ultra-connected aesthete, bubble tea enthusiast.
“When you get up in the morning, remember how precious is the privilege of living, breathing, being happy” – Marcus Aurelius

Brian - team otaaki FR US_Plan de travail 1

BRIAN, Seattle, (USA)
Our Operator. Never sits still and likes to ski fast.
« Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges; Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go! » – The Explorer, Ruyard Kipling

Photo Zhao - Otaaki France

FENG (dit Zhao), Zhuhai, (Chine)
Our geo-finders. Passionate about history, and a great badminton player.
“It’s never too late to learn”

With the participation of :

– Lucas, for the realization of the website

– Florence, for the realization of the photographs

– EuniceYvensonJulienNatteLéa et Valentin : the faces of the first campaign

– Maëva et William, for the graphic design of the press kit

And many others without whom the project would not have been the same.

Would you like to join us? Write to us at [email protected] !
We are looking forward to expanding the team 🙂