Otaaki For Good

Giving and gratitude are an integral part of our values

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We decided to put you in charge of our corporate giving program. Listening to you matters to us and what better way to do so than hearing about what causes matter to you.

We want to share a part of profits with organizations that improve the human condition. We want you to nominate your favorite non-profits. Once we confirm that the charity meets the requirements, we will select a list of 3 to 5 and we will let you vote on who will benefit from the contribution.

We’ll start by doing this every other Thursday as we figure there will be some kinks to work out. Once we get better at it, we will offer more days so you can direct more giving.

Our only requirement is that the organizations you recommend work to improve the human condition locally in the countries where we sell our products. We define this as those who help people be seen for who they are, elevate their sense of dignity, and help them be their best selves. We prioritize small to midsize non-profits in your communities because we love the personal connection. We also especially love organizations with founders who reflect the communities they serve.

If there’s an organization that you love, help us see what you see in the way they help people be seen for who they are and become their best selves with this nomination form.

This program is unconventional for retail brands, and all new ideas get better with refinement and time. Therefore, we may periodically close or change our nomination form to make our otaakiTM for good program the best it can be. We recommend following our social media pages for updates, and we’re all ears for your feedback and ideas to make the world better, together.