Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Below are the most frequent questions we see from customers. Got one that’s not listed? Feel free to drop us an email.

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Shipping and Delivery

All items are prepared and shipping within 2 business days and ship from Sumner, Washington.

We offer free shipping, and our typical transit time is 3-5 days. DHL is our primary shipping provider. For addresses outside their service area (PO boxes, military bases, some rural addresses), orders will route through USPS, and large parcel orders (3+ units) may take up to 7 days.

Shipping is currently limited to the United States. But for customers in Europe, orders can be placed through We’re working hard to enable shipping to more friends abroad, so stay tuned!



All orders are eligible for a 30 day return window, so no worries if you want to swap colors or change your mind. Just make sure items are in new, unused conditions. To request a label, through the Contact Us portal on our website. Please include your order number, item information, and reason for return. (Your reason will not impact your ability to return a product; we just appreciate your feedback).

Our boxes can be resealed to minimize extra packaging. Make sure to include your microfiber cloth and carrying pouch with your return. Once you’ve received your return label, ensure that the original shipping label is covered or marked out and drop it in the mail.



Returns take 5-10 days to process before a refund is issued. Returns will be checked to ensure items are in new, unused condition and that all accessory items are included. Otaaki reserves the right to reject returns that are not in original condition, or any outside of the 30 day window. Customers are responsible for shipping costs for the original delivery and return. Those charges will not be included in the refunded amount.

How can I tell if your glasses will fit?
• Our glasses were designed to be unisex and made to fit both men’s and women’s facial anatomy. But if you’re not sure, grab a pair of your favorite frames and measure the width from temple to temple and then compare against the sizes in the product description.

Can your glasses be adjusted if they’re not quite right?
• A local licensed optician is the best resource for frame adjustments since they have formal training and experience fitting glasses. But it’s also possible to adjust them yourself.

• We chose our OceanBound plastic material because it’s very flexible and easy to adjust. Gently bend the frames for the desired fit.

• Our BioCell acetate frames are a more rigid material that bends best when the material is warm. Immerse the frames in warm (not hot) water. Warm water from your faucet is fine and doesn’t need additional heating. Another good rule of thumb is that it should be a comfortable handwashing temperature. Hot water can damage the coating on the glasses. After a minute, gently bend the frames for the desired fit.

• Ideally, the temples will bend at a 45 degree angle, starting just behind your ear. If the bend in the temple is to short and bends before it reached your ear, we recommend trying a different frame.

What do I need to do to maximize the life of my otaaki glasses?
• The lenses are the most delicate component of our glasses. When they become heavily scratched, it greatly impacts how clearly you can see with them. Therefore, we include a pouch made from a paper-based leather alternative with every pair of glasses. Carrying your glasses in a soft pouch or hard case goes a long way in preventing damage to your glasses.

How should I clean my lenses?
• We include a microfiber cloth made from recycled PET with every purchase since it’s the best material for cleaning your lenses. Microfiber is very soft, so it won’t scratch your lenses, and it absorbs oil without a cleanser. For most smudges, simply rub the lenses on both sides with the microfiber towel.

• For a more thorough cleaning, use lukewarm water. For your cleanser, there are specialized lens cleaning sprays in the eyecare section of your local pharmacy, or you can use a drop hand or dish soap (so long as they’re not a lotion / moisturizing formula). Gently rub both sides of the lenses and your frames, rinse, and dry with a microfiber towel.

• Avoid rubbing the lenses with your clothing, paper towels, or napkins, since these can scratch your lenses.

• Avoid household cleaners like window cleaner, surface cleaner, or bleach. These are harsher cleaning products that can strip away protective coatings on the lenses.

Are your products eco-friendly?

• We don’t believe sustainability is a black and white categorization. Even the most natural products like water and fruits can become unsustainable when overconsumed. Instead, we say that we’re very intentional about the products we use in our glasses. When seeking out materials and suppliers, we start with innovative materials that lower our products’ environmental footprint. We use renewable or recycled materials for our frames, carrying pouch, lens cleaning cloth, and our packaging. You can learn more about these materials here, including 3rd party certifications from ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certificate) and

• Our lenses and hinges currently are not part of a circular supply chain. There are very few options available on the market to start, and then we layer on high quality and durability standards to match our customer expectations. We’re looking forward to the day we can switch these components to a more sustainable option, and given the advances in sustainable manufacturing, we’re optimistic it can happen soon.

• We also have a global supply chain. We vessel our materials and finished products by boat. It’s a slower method of transportation, but it has a lower carbon footprint. We work with local suppliers near or factory where possible, but we don’t sacrifice the quality of our materials in favor of closer sourcing options.

• Sustainability is also an extension of how customers shop, which influences the way we design and sell our glasses. We make our glasses to be unique and expressive, but they tie back to classic frame shapes that are timeless, not trendy. We try to balance creative frames that express your personal style, but that will stay relevant when you wear them for seasons to come.

• We also think about sustainability with our pricing structure. We don’t do promotional sales to try and drive impulse sales. And we’ll never do BOGO or bundle sales. Most people don’t want or need a huge collection of glasses, so we don’t incentivize people to buy eyewear they won’t wear regularly. Instead, we have a fair everyday price so that you can get your affordable eyecare products whenever you need them.

• Product care also impacts how sustainable our glasses are. We use high quality, durable materials, but it’s still important to carry them in a pouch or case to prevent scratches on your lenses. For more information on product care and lens cleaning, see our product care tab above.


How can we trust that you’re really using renewable and recycled materials?

• We either get certification from a 3rd party auditor, or we source from suppliers that have 3rd party certification. We have ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certificate) certification that validates our use of renewable and recycled materials. Our OceanBound plastic supplier, Envision, holds certification from SCS Global, which confirms they are salvaging pre- and post-consumer waste and effectively diverting it from landfills. Our paper-based products (cardboard packaging, Texon Vogue pouch) come from suppliers certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which confirms their timber comes from responsibly managed forests.


Do you use legal and ethical labor?

• Our factory is a member of Sedex, an organization that supports equality, safe working conditions, and legal management practices. As part of Sedex, our factory has regular SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) audits. These audits involve reviewing our records and documents, touring our facility, interviewing our management team, and interviewing our employees. For full insight to the SMETA measurement criteria, see here on the Sedex site.

• We are also signatories of the UN Global Compact, which requires a commitment to human rights, fair labor, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. See more about the UN Global Compact here on their website.

• We also own our Kanghong factory in Zhuhai, China. Most brands outsource production to outside factories, where they can work with a multitude of manufacturers and for shorter periods of time. It isn’t always feasible to collaborate and build relationships in the same way. By working closely with our own factory, we want our production workers to feel like our partners and not like a cog in a machine. And the research agrees: company social responsibility and vertical integration are correlated.

Does otaaki do sales?

• We believe in fair, everyday prices. Glasses are all medical devices that either protect or enhance your vision. We think it should be sold at a fair value every day, and that people shouldn’t feel incentivized to go without while waiting for a promotional sale. It’s also sustainability minded, since promotional sales and bundle sales can incentivize people to buy more than they planned and need to take advantage of a sale.

What are otaakiTM for good?

• We put you in charge of our corporate giving program as a part of our #seeinside ethos. You nominate your favorite causes and charities, and we choose one to receive 10% of our revenue on otaakiTM for good. We want people to be seen for who they are, so we choose organizations that are helping people, honoring people’s humanity, and helping people become their best selves.

How do I nominate a non-profit?

• Nominations are made on our otaakiTM for good We have a few tips for increasing your odds of being selected: Strong applications are complete, and strong nominees are well managed with proof that they’re allocating funds to their beneficiaries instead of exorbitant administration costs. Compelling applications move us and help us see the humanity in the communities where these non-profits work. Good nominees help people grow to be independent and successful in the long run.

Strong nominees don’t have to be large, corporate non-profits. They don’t have to have a robust PR team writing perfectly polished applications. Our otaakiTM for good program helps us find smaller charities and help bolster their reach. We think these charities are more often founded by leaders who are part of the community they’re serving. We hope this will lead us to work with more charities founded by women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ community members. Nominated non-profits do not need to be big to do powerful work.

We know that we will receive more deserving nominations than we can highlight on our otaakiTM for good days. We will do our best to select the most impactful organizations that align with our values and allow us to celebrate our common humanity across diverse communities of people.

Which style should I buy?

• Choose a category: otaaki ™ offers 3 types of glasses: sunglasses (polarized and non-polarized) / reading glasses / screen glasses. Our sunglasses provide UVA/UVB sunlight protection outside. Our reading glasses correct minor cases of farsightedness that do not require a prescription. Our screen glasses reduce glare and blue light waves that cause eye fatigue from your computer, phone, or tablet.

• Choose a shape: Ignore all the articles telling you which frames “flatter” your face shape. At otaaki ™, we believe you should wear what you want. We offer virtual fitting powered by Fitting Box to test out frames with your webcam or phone camera. Trust your instincts, or you can share the virtual try-on photos with a friend who knows your personal style to help pick a style.

• Choose a color: We offer 6 to 8 colors per model, ranging from traditional tones to neon hues. Consider which colors flatter your skin tone, what colors you have in your closet, and whether they’ll be part of an everyday look or a special occasion. Can’t decide between two? Doesn’t hurt to try both – especially with a 30 day return policy.

• Assessing the size: All of our glasses are currently offered in a single, unisex size based off both men’s and women’s facial structures. We have dimensions for each frame on our product pages, so when in doubt, compare our glasses against any of your favorite frames at home.